Disrupting the Industry: Stories of Successful Entrepreneurial Innovation


While the world of small business is full of excitement and opportunity, it’s also a place where many dreams fail. In this essay, Nihar Gala will discuss the importance of innovation in entrepreneurship and how to utilize innovative strategy to succeed in your industry.

The importance of “selling” your idea

When you’re an entrepreneur, selling your idea is a vital part of the process. You have to sell it to investors, who will help fund your business with money and advice. You have to sell it to the government, which can provide tax incentives for certain kinds of businesses or grants for research and development. And if you want people in general–your customers–to buy what you’re selling, then they need convincing as well!

Selling isn’t just about getting someone else on board with what’s going on; sometimes it involves changing their mind entirely about how something works or why something should exist at all (e.g., “I don’t think eating meat is good for us.”).

Not being scared of failure

Failure is a part of the process. It’s an opportunity to learn and grow, rather than something that should be feared or avoided at all costs. The most successful entrepreneurs see failure as a lesson learned, not a dead-end result.

When you’re starting out in business, it can be easy to get discouraged by small setbacks along the way–especially if they seem like they could have been avoided if only you had done things differently from the start. But remember: Every new venture faces challenges; it’s how those challenges are handled that matters most!

Learning from your mistakes

Learning from your mistakes is an important part of the entrepreneurial journey. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of starting your own business, but it’s just as important to remember that being an entrepreneur means making mistakes and learning from them.

Often times, when we make mistakes, we don’t know how much they cost us until later on down the road when we look back at our businesses’ financials and realize how much money was lost on something that could have been avoided if only someone had pointed it out earlier (or if they had taken steps themselves).

That’s why having mentors who can provide advice and guidance from their experience is invaluable for entrepreneurs–they can help identify mistakes before they happen so that you aren’t wasting time fixing things after they’ve already gone wrong!

If you build a better product, they will come.

If you build a better product, they will come.

This is the mantra of many entrepreneurs and it’s true in most cases. If you build something that solves a problem for your users and improves their experience, they will be happy to use it and recommend it to others. The key here is building a better product–and that means understanding not just what customers want but also why they want it. You need to understand their needs before making any assumptions about what would make them happy or give them value; otherwise, you could end up creating something that no one actually wants (or worse: something nobody even notices).


The takeaway from this article is that if you have an idea, a product or service that can disrupt an industry, then go for it! Don’t be afraid of failure; there will always be people who don’t like what you’re doing and try to stop you. However, if you believe in what you do and work hard enough at it then eventually others will see the value in your idea as well.

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